Life’s Biggest Questions: Adrian ‘GoldenSpiral’ Palashevsky


Seemingly ordained by some cosmic force, Indie-Life creative Adrian Palashevsky aka “goldenSpiral” isn’t your average producer. His music, visual art, and otherworldly live shows transcend the status quo and blur the lines between auditory and visual experiences in art. Alchemizing his unique sound with genres like psy-dub, hip-hop, and world music has earned him a feature by Alex Grey at CoSM and shared billing with artists like OTT, Ghostface Killah, and Space Jesus. Whether it’s solo, or with his brilliant live band format “goldenSpiral:Collective,” he’s been consistently turning growing crowds into believers, solidifying his reputation for being one of Philly’s most unique electronic producers.

GoldenSpiral is one of Indie-Life’s favorite visual artists and graphic designers to work with. So we decided to ask him “Life’s Biggest Questions.”

Biggest Influence

It’s definitely Bob Marley. It’s not just his music that’s larger than life and utterly timeless, but it’s him as a person. He was a visionary, a revolutionary in the truest sense, and a leader. His music is still just as powerful and relevant today as it was 40 years ago, and that will never change. What made him so legendary, in my eyes, was that he walked the walk. He lived and died by his message, literally, and embodied his mission to the core. A famous line of his always stuck with me. He said, “I don’t come to bow, I come to conquer.” I love that. Here is a man peaceful and spiritual enough to make some of the most positive, beautiful songs of love and devotion ever written, yet so controversial he landed in the cross hairs of some of the most dangerous people on the planet, from Jamaican gangsters to the CIA. But he never backed down and he could never be silenced. Someone once told me that to be truly great as an artist you have to be willing to die for your art. Obviously we don’t wish that upon the artists we love, especially since they often seem to die so young. But when they live without fear of that day, and it’s been put to the test, you’ve solidified your legacy as far as I’m concerned. The greatest.


Biggest Intention

I just want to speak what I know to be truth, spread love through art and music that harnesses positive vibes, and get people tuned to some higher vibrational thinking. I think there’s some serious spiritual warfare playing out right now, and people are either knowingly or unknowingly picking a side, and if they aren’t then they need to. Choose God, choose the light. That’s all ima say.


Biggest Insecurity

I’m deeply concerned about how wrapped up in politics people have become to the point where they’ve adopted some pretty radical mindsets that actually go against the basic principles of freedom, liberty, and free speech. I think their anger has been weaponized by the very institutions responsible for the things they’re angry about in the first place, which is beyond f*d up. One of the biggest perpetrators of this is the media. I think people need to unplug from all the mainstream news and pop culture garbage as soon as possible. They’re trying to start a civil war. It’s very pervasive and very troubling. The Indie-Life mindset is the ticket. Let’s come together and direct our anger away from each other and toward those who deserve it… the elite pulling the strings.

Want to find out more about GoldenSpiral? Check out his work here, or follow him on Twitter @goldnSpiral and Facebook /IG @goldenSpiralsound.

By Andrea Leonhardt
Imagery by Adrian Palashevsky