For over 20 years DRWC has been operating the Blue Cross Riverrink at Penn’s Landing. From November to March each year the Market St East parking lot is converted into a full-sized ice skating rink. They have a zamboni and everything!

For the first time ever the ice skating rink has been transformed into a roller skating rink! The hospitality lodges that provide a cozy respite from the cold during Winterfest will provide shade from the heat during Summerfest. Summerfest was voted “Top 3 Places to Visit In 2015” by the New York Times, has topped many other “Top” and “Best of” lists and won several awards.

At the last minute DRWC had a scheduling conflict with the photographer and needed a cast of rollerskaters to appear in the advertisement for the new rink right away. As in less than 24 hours right away.  They called us and we put together a diverse cast of skaters that were featured in the ad, which ran as cover stories in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News newspapers.