DesignPhiladelphia Festival

Indie-Life Media’s DesignPhiladelphia Open House

Indie-Life Media was proud to participate in the West Philly Design Crawl, a part of 2017’s  DesignPhiladelphia Festival. Sponsored by the American Institute of Architecture, the festival is the oldest of its kind in America: a celebration of artists, designers, creative businesses and beautiful spaces.

For our open house on October 11, we asked our neighborhood to dream big.  Passersby were invited to write their Indie-Spirited goals on our whiteboard, and to jot down on a business card any challenges standing in between them and their goals. Since West Philly is home to many artists and entrepreneurs of a distinctly independent stripe, it didn’t take long for our board to fill up with phrases like: “Make Art Every Day,” “Live on my own schedule,” and “Be able to travel somewhere cool every 6 months.”