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Brand Strategy and Messaging

A company’s image is paramount to its success, especially in the digital age. The ability to articulate a brand’s unique message is more important than ever. Our passion is capturing and conveying your story so it connects to your audience and has a lasting impact. Through innovation and continuity in messaging, media, imagery and experience, Indie-Life will develop your professional projects to effectively reach new customers, develop new markets and ultimately drive engagement.

Event Planning & Production

Indie-Life curates and produces private, corporate entertainment and educational events to accommodate any budget. Whether it’s a reception, fundraiser, gala, team-building experience, concert, festival or seminar, we bring to bear decades of expertise and a strong ecosystem of vendors, venues and production specialists. Let Indie-Life manage every logistic matter, from rentals, decor, catering, entertainment and more, to help you create the occasion of a lifetime.

Experiential Marketing & Staffing

Indie-Life can meet the needs of your promotional, sampling and mobile tours. Managing promotional campaigns for some of the largest national brands across a variety of industries, we can expose your brand to niche markets through key local events or help you create your own unique experience. From product launches and retail samplings to guerrilla media executions and nightlife programs, Indie-Life connects you to your audience.

Media Production

Whether you are a national brand, small business or an independent artist, Indie-Life customizes its approach to meet your media-making needs, whatever they may be. We have, over the years, developed an eager, active international workforce. Our broad palette of creative talents is constantly growing, which enables us to offer a tailor-made team for any project. Plus, we can create great, user-friendly multimedia experiences on any device.

Production & Tour Management

We understand life on the road and the unique requirements of handling multi-faceted events. Our process is simple, efficient, and cost-effective: We will seamlessly manage all logistics so you can focus on what you do best. Indie-Life take a hands-on approach to ensure cohesion with each element by working closely with management, vendors, talent and crew. Our tour staff is road-tested and trained to meet Indie-Life’s exceptional standards.

Talent Acquisition & Booking

As promoters, both in the US and Europe, we have produced events with some of the biggest artists at a range of venues, from smaller, intimate platforms to major festivals. Having worked in the industry for more than two decades, we can provide some of the most original acts on an array of scenes, from well-known talents to new upcoming artists, for your private or corporate event.

"Indie-Life is usually my go-to. They are very responsive, highly organized and my bands love working with them. Their experience really shines through in those inevitable situations on the road that can be quite challenging."

— Derek Brewer of Outerloop Management (Manager for Crown The Empire, Veil of Maya, The Volumes)