Ustad Shafaat Khan

Reintroducing an Indian maestro to a global audience

Ustad Shafaat Khan came to Indie-Life Media with a challenge: he had a fantastic, original act and he knew there was an audience for it– but he needed our help to find it. This called for some sleek re-branding, an electronic press kit (EPK), and a professional, polished marketing package. Indie-Life was happy to oblige.

Shafaat is a legend of Indian classical music, and the only musician to master all three of that genre’s primary instruments: the sitar, the tabla (both string instruments), and the surbahar (percussion).  He began his career at the tender age of 11, performing for the Queen Mother in Great Britain. Since then he has toured the world, sharing the stage with Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder among others, and earned a reputation as perhaps the finest performer of the classical and folk music of his home country. He’s also one of the most innovative. Maestro Khan infuses his own compositions with a global flare, incorporating western rock and pop, jazz and flemenco, and African rhythms into his original compositions. Multicultural fusion is an increasingly popular genre at music festivals in America and around the world, so we built our marketing campaign around Shafaat’s unique sound and its international appeal.

Indie-Life designed two EPKs for Shafaat, one for his US tours and one targeted to Moroccan venues in preparation for a tour there. That meant creating two HTML emails (one in English and one in French) that detailed Shafaat’s talents and performance highlights, offered press clips from his glowing reviews, and positioned him as an ideal festival performer. We coined the title “Shafaat Khan and Raagtime” to convey his blend of Indian and western musical styles, and our email marketing campaign targeted global music festivals looking for crossover artists of his caliber.

With Indie-Life’s help Shafaat was able to cross cultural barriers and bring Indian classical music–and the Raagtime sound–to fresh new audiences in America and Morocco, with resounding success.

Project Details

  • Client: Ustad Shafaat Khan
  • Services: Artist Development, Branding, Electronic Press Kit
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