Pirate Radio Live



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A Live Music Showcase blowing up West Philly

every Tuesday night.

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Philadelphia has a long history of stellar live acts that grew organically from regular jam sessions, music showcases, and neighborhood parties. In 2010 and 2011, Indie-Life revived that history with a wildly diverse selection of Philadelphia music talent that ranged from jazz to funk to hip hop and poetry. A wide swath of the city’s best musicians, songwriters, poets and performers gathered at the (now gone and lamented) music venue The Blockley to perform at a weekly live music showcase.

Every Tuesday night, the party was kicked off by the house band, The Pirate’s Anthem. Its members included keyboardists Luke O’Reilly and CJ Branch, bass guitarist Jay Bratten and Andre Pinkney, drummers Khary Shaheed and Frank Lester, and singer Aliandro Prawl. A new feature act drew in crowds every week, and the open mic portion of the evening resulted in raucously entertaining–and musically inspiring–performances from a wildly diverse crowd. Over the course of a year, Pirate Radio Live featured local and touring artists such as The Roots’ Dice Raw, MC Greg Porn, also of The Roots, saxophonist Korey Riker, guitarist & singer-songwriter Curt Chambers, jazz artist Rick Tate, jazz trumpeter Daud El-Baraka, bassist Rah M Sungee, drummer Aaron Draper, soul singer Lydia Rene, soul singer & songwriter Candice Anitra, Toronto-based singer Ayah, singer-songwriter DyShon Penn, electronic pop group City Rain, and soulful trio Silhouette Brown, featuring Dego (of 4Hero), Kaidi Tatham, and Philly house legend Lady Alma.

Lady Alma was also one of the “Philebrity Judges,” along with recording artists Res and Jaguar Wright and producer & songwriter Patrick Parker, who oversaw competitions between new up-and-comers and awarded a cash prize and a featured spot to each night’s winner.

Pirate Radio Live was a a dazzling and joyous example of Indie-Life’s commitment to supporting local and independent talent, and bringing together a diverse group of people who share a passion for music.

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  • Project: Live Music Showcase
  • Services:  Event Planning, Production, and Promotion; Branding, Artist Booking


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