Dying Fetus



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Dying Fetus turned to Indie-Life for support

on the 2016 Metal Alliance Tour.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]When the pioneers of death metal, Dying Fetus, went out on the Metal AllianceTtour they turned to
Indie-Life Media to make sure their show sounded great and that they were taken care of while traveling around
the country.

The old school death metal band Dying Fetus needs no introduction. With their 25-year history, their raucous live shows, and their driving, compelling sound, the band has earned itself a loyal fan base around the world. Dying Fetus has done several world tours, North American tours, and music festivals, and released seven studio albums to date. The were headliners on the 2016 Metal Alliance Tour, and Indie-Life Media was on hand to provide them with personalized, detail oriented support for all 25 shows.

  • Accounting: Indie-Life carefully matched income with expenses, ensured that guarantees were received and that the crew was paid regularly, collecting accurate tax information from promoters, signing off the cash sheet provided by the band’s business manager.
  • Audio production management: We helped the band to invest in gear that ultimately saved them money on tours while improving the quality of their live performances.
  • Tour management: Indie-Life mapped out the details of each stop along the tour–booking hotels, planning meals, coordinating with promoters and venues to ensure that the band had everything they needed to deliver a first rate shows for all their fans.

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