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Indie-Life does the heavy lifting for a metal band

at the top of their game.

[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/188345381″ el_width=”90″][vc_column_text]Indie-Life provided audio production and tour management services to acclaimed heavy metal band Darkest Hour for tours through the US and South Africa.

Through two East Coast tours and one that took the band to Durban, Capetown, and Johannesburg South Africa, Indie-Life was there to provide the support and know-how needed to take the shows to a new level of sound and performance quality.

Our Production and Tour Management services for The Darkest Hour included:

  • Working within the band’s budget to obtain the highest quality gear possible to improve their sound quality at the live shows.
  • Ensuring that the band’s equipment could be utilized at every venue — which means anticipating obstacles and staying nimble at each stop on the tours.
  • Advance planning for the tours: finding & booking hotels, meals, and transportation at each location.
  • Overseeing all Front of House operations at every live show.
  • Coordinating with promoters throughout each tour, and ensuring that contract terms were properly followed each step of the way.


“Having toured with Mattias all over North America I would absolutely endorse and recommend his services to anyone seeking a production manager, live sound engineer, studio engineer, or album producer.  Mattias has ushered us into the new age of technology and helped us harness its potential in our live show. He has been instrumental in the evolution of our live sound, our ability to produce live recordings, and helping us maintain a constant level of professional sound night after night.  All of this is done with a professional can-do attitude that can not be rivaled. I have seen this man climb over buildings and dig ditches to run live sound the best possible way. He is a rock commando and one I am proud to serve with.” Mike Schleibaum, guitarist

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Project Details


  • Client: Darkest Hour
  • Services: Production Management, Tour Management, Media Production
  • Website: officialdarkesthour.com


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