Crown the Empire

Bringing high-quality support to a high-energy rock band

on stage, on the road, and on the books.

Indie-Life Media went on tour with Crown The Empire, a wildly popular Dallas-based five-piece, and handled everything from planning for the tour to acquiring high-quality sound equipment to managing all accounting for the tour.

The band, whose second album The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways topped the iTunes rock charts and reached No. 7 on the Billboard Top 200 upon its July 2014 release, was one of several acts touring together on a two-month, 51-show circuit through North America. Facing the rigorous demands of the road–and serious competition as a touring band–Crown The Empire knew that they needed to broaden their fan base while exceeding their audience’s expectations, and for that they needed top-rate tour and production management.

Enter Indie-Life Media. While the band focused on their music and performances, Indie-Life shouldered the vital work of keeping the tour moving smoothly:

  • Accounting: balancing income and expenses, ensuring that guarantees were received and that the crew was paid regularly, collecting accurate tax information from promoters, signing off the cash sheet provided by the band’s business manager.
  • Audio production management: helping the band to invest in gear that will ultimately save them money on tours while improving the quality of their live performances.
  • Tour management: planning the details of each stop along the tour–booking hotels, planning meals, coordinating with promoters and venues to ensure that the band had everything they needed to deliver a first rate shows for all their fans. Indie-Life procured all their live sound gear, their lighting gear, and anticipated any needs the band might have at various venues.

Project Details

  • Client: Crown the Empire
  • Services: Production Management, Tour Management, Audio Production, Media Production
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