David McDowell is an interdisciplinary artist that centers his works around exploration of the human condition, by means of portraiture and documentation. Working in photography, music and film mediums, he began his career as a music producer, generating multiple accolades for his work with Tanya Morgan and for brands such as DC Shoes. As a photographer, David works primarily in analog medium format, as seen in his work “Southbound” (2014). In 2019 David was an artist-in-residence at Mas Els Igols in Barcelona, Catalonia.

David currently serves as photographer and art director for KillScreen Magazine. He is based in Philadelphia, PA.  As one of Indie-Life’s favorite creatives to work with, we had to ask him “Life’s Biggest Questions.”


Biggest Rule

Always advocate for yourself and your needs/goals. The further along I’ve gotten in my career, the more I’ve learned that the biggest keys to growth is being patient with yourself, aggressively pursuing things that support your goals and aspirations and as gradually pruning away anything that doest move the needle or impact those goals. It’s a balancing act but it’s very important.

Biggest Regret

I regret not having started entrepreneurship sooner. I lacked a lot of confidence and didn’t have the support of a community like I do now, but I’m sure I would have found those things sooner if I’d just took the leap.

Biggest Risk

Quitting my job back in 2010. It was a leap of faith but I think it was definitely the right decision. I needed to push myself and there’s no push quite like not knowing where your next meal is coming from!


If you want to keep up with David, his life and work as a freelancer, check him out on IG @primarilydave 0r @aeongotbeats.


By Andrea Leonhardt
Imagery by David McDowell