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Build your portfolio

Build your portfolio

Working with us is a two-way street. We leverage your talent, you leverage ours. Book on a project-basis or take on long-term jobs and let us handle project + account management so you can keep creating.

Find other creatives

Find other creatives

Need a project partner? Even creatives have difficulty finding others to compliment their skills. Tap into our ecosystem of over 350 creatives to build lasting relationships.


Grow your business

Grow your business

We know that freelancers are small businesses and need to evolve. Our members gain access to workshops, funding sources and other outstanding opportunities to grow their business.


We attract large and small clients across industries and sectors. They come to us. We come to you. Members can whitelabel our agency for account and project management, admin, and hiring.

Our online community allows you to post and find gigs between fellow creatives.

Professional bookings for single day photo shoots, live event capture and more.

Partner with us is serving our diverse clientele with a range of integrated creative services.

Looking fo steady work ? We got you.

Tap into curated tools designed to evolve your skills and help you gain peace of mind.


Delivering impactful design that is imaginative, thoughtful, and distinctive..


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Real Relationships With Real Creatives

linda dacosta

Brand Strategy Consultation

“Working with Indie-Life has been amazing. Rasheed is thorough, intentional, organized, patient, creative and has his client’s best interest at heart. His love and dedication to his craft is refreshing. He invests in people, not companies or brands. He gladly helped me develop and craft my vision, which required such patience, kindness and a sky’s-the-limit perspective.”

Laurie Heinerichs

Video Production

“Wow, I can’t believe you put this team together in 8-hours! I have to admit I didn’t think you would be able to assemble such a specific team in such a short amount of time. The promotional video looks great and so do your ambassadors. Thanks so much for all of your help!”

wick williams

Brand Identity・Web Design

“We had tried 3 other companies before finding Indie-Life. They helped us think completely differently about our business and how to best present ourselves online.”


Delivering impactful design that is imaginative, thoughtful, and distinctive..


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